Bullets and Eggs

Sometimes, the bedroom can get a little stale and couples may look to spice things up a little bit. Those who are looking to do exactly that should invest in some high-quality sex toys. These products have been masterfully engineered to please in all the right ways, leaving both partners happy and satisfied.

Anyone looking for the new, best vibe should check out these items. They have a unique look and feel that will elevate everyone’s level of sexual play. For example, the bullet and egg mini vibrator is perfectly sized to be discreet when necessary. There are multiple sizes, styles, and levels of vibrating pleasure that everyone will be able to explore. This allows the users to tailor their experiences to meet their exact needs and specifications. In addition, the various levels and styles will allow people to continually explore themselves and their partners over and over again.

Finally, these wireless products from the Bullet and Egg collection are easy to clean. Users will have no trouble sterilising them for the next round, simply with the use of toy cleaners.

Vibrating bullets and eggs are small, generally oval, vibrating sex toys that are used for direct stimulation on the body, such as the clitoris or nipples. They can be used by men or women, and come in multispeed, waterproof and even multifunction versions. Whether you use them to gently tease and arouse a partner during foreplay or as a little orgasmic fun during solo play, these small vibrators are fun to try.