Masturbators (Special Features)

Partners can be great. But when you crave long-lasting pleasure, there's no need to sensually deprive yourself if you don't have one or yours isn't available. Just give yourself up to the carnal joys of any one of these masturbators — or choose several for titillating variety.

Masturbator strokers, sleeves and grips are discreet, and they really get the job done. Opt for vibrating, rotating, and thrusting sensations for optimal excitement. They're great for solo or partner use.

Slide into a simulated vagina and don't be surprised by how much it feels like the real thing. To enhance the experience, choose a hip masturbator and grab on for the ride of your life, over and over again.

Mock blowjob anyone? Orgasm to the sensation of her lips wrapped around your member, sucking you into her mouth and throat. Yeah! We have that. Now you can too.

Want it all? No need to choose just one! Dual openings with the sensations of a blow job in one hole and a sexy pussy in the other are available. Take turns in each one for top titillation.

If anal is your pleasure, dive into a realistic ass masturbator with true-to-life textures for an eye-opening sexual experience.

Whether you enjoy vibrations, suction, squeezing, stroking or a combination of sensations, you can find it here. Browse this mind-blowing range of masturbators to find the adult toys that best serve you and your carnal desires.

Want to give yourself some good vibrations? Sounds a bit repetitive when using words like good" and "vibrations" together but we promise  these are just the type of vibrations you need to take you to ecstasy whether you're having a solo session or having a bit of fun with a partner. All of these products are proven safe and effective at delivering hours of pleasure.