Do you have a fascination with rope play, for sexual or other gratification? Do you love going into your own "rope space" or tying up your partner during sexual activity? Our BDSM rope collection is perfect for those looking to take their interest of bondage and fetish toys to an entirely new realm.

Whether you love utilizing rope play during sex or if you simply enjoy the art and process of Shibari, our rope collection has just what you need to get started with your new adventure. Shibari, also known as "to tie", in Japanese, is one of the most popular rope play styles that are commonly found among BDSM, fetish, and rope play communities today.

Rope play is not new, and has been popular among a wide range of cultures since the dawn of time and sexual awakenings. The idea of feeling restrained or restraining another is highly erotic to those who are interested in the BDSM, submissive, and dominant lifestyles.

With our BDSM rope collection, choose from a variety of rope styles, colors, and kits to get started or to add to your current collection of BDSM-centric toys and erotic gear. Whether you have an interest in only role-play or if you simply want to immerse yourself in the rope community and culture, our collection has everything you need. Choose from colorful rope styles as well as different materials, including both cotton and silk to ensure maximum comfort and effect for the type of experience you desire.