International Shipping

Covid-19 Update: All orders will continue to be fulfilled and shipped out as per normal. Our operation is as usual, except for the suspension of ALL International shipments via SingPost Registered Mail, Speedpost Standard and Speedpost Priority. Thank you for your understanding!

If you've been getting excited to get your hands on some new sex toys, it can be a real letdown to find out that they aren't offered in your area, or even in your country. CherryAffairs Singapore is proud to be your source for erotic toys from around the globe, thanks to a wide selection of items and a comprehensive international shipping program.

Wish you could get more of that lube you forgot in the hotel room on your last trip? That wonderful brand of condoms you tried while travelling abroad? Good news - we have it all and we'll be happy to send it to your doorstep.

We haven't forgotten about your discretion in all the excitement, either - our global shipping program ensures that your intimate erotic accessories are carefully enclosed in a plain box sealed with courier bag to prevent revealing your secrets. On official customs or mailing forms, any contents will be listed as "general merchandise," "novelties" or "massager," where appropriate to make sure that your business stays exactly that - your business. No matter how large or small your adult toy order may be, trust us to ship it internationally and make your day a little more erotic - no matter where in the world you happen to be. 

DHL/Fedex International

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, many international postal services are suspended till further notice which includes Singpost Registered Mail and Speedpost Standard/Priority as well as Fedex/DHL Economy.

As an alternative to continue shipping across the world for you, CherryAffairs will be offering DHL/Fedex Express/Priority for all international shipments. The estimated shipping rates are in the table provided. The rates does not include additional charges if your shipping address is out of the delivery area. Our customer service officers will get in touch with you if you are required to top up for additional charges. If your country is not listed, please contact our customer service.

Please enter your full name as per passport or ID card during check out. It is required for a smooth clearance at your local customs. Changing of name after the shipment is created will result in the delay of shipment/delivery.

Rates (SGD)
Weight (Kg)  Malaysia

Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam

Australia, Japan, India, New Zealand UAE Canada/USA
0.5 19.80 24.64 25.41 40.01 45.86
1.0 19.80
25.52 48.64
1.5 20.57 25.41 31.81 59.96
2.0 21.34 26.81 38.12 71.28 66.51
2.5 22.11 28.79 44.41 88.80 76.82
3.0 22.88 29.66 49.58 103.14 79.92
3.5 25.48 33.20 49.90 117.48 89.23
4.0 28.47 36.75 55.41 131.82
4.5 32.04 40.30 61.04 146.16
5.0 35.33 43.85 64.41 160.50 117.28


Below are some countries DHL/Fedex delivers and their respective estimated delivery times. If your country is not listed here, do contact our customer service for more information.

Countries Estimated Delivery Time
Malaysia* 2 - 5 working days
Indonesia 1 - 3 working days
1 - 3 working days
1 - 5 working days
1 - 3 working days
Hong Kong
1 - 3 working days
1 - 3 working days
1 - 3 working days
1 - 5 working days
1 - 5 working days
UAE 1 - 5 working days
1 - 5 working days
1 - 5 working days
1 - 3 working days
New Zealand 1 - 5 working days
Taiwan 1 - 3 working days

*please note that Malaysia orders will be shipped via SkyNet.

Please check out using the Express checkout "PayPal" to proceed with the payment as there are currently some issues with the credit card payment method for certain countries.


Billable weights are used to represent product weights on CherryAffairs and used for calculation of shipping rates. 

CherryAffairs cannot be held liable if these items are seized or confiscated by Customs Agents in your country. If unsure, please check with your Customs Agents before purchase. Also, there will strictly be no refunds for parcels that are returned to sender due to whichever reason.