Shop by Adult Stars

Shop by Adult Stars

Now you can take it one step further. With these masturbators, you can pleasure yourself during your private horny times with your favourite adult stars, ship from Singapore. Most of the toys modelled after the adult stars comes in the following categories.


Modelled from your favourite female adult stars, Fleshlights Girls have the experience you need. The toys feature moulds of a vast variety of some of the most famous women in the adult world. Each of the sleeves is internally textured to provide a unique, mind-blowing feeling. This is your chance to personally enjoy your

favourite stars.

Japan Onahole

If you are a fan of JAV, this is for you! These sex toys feature the most famous models in Japanese adult entertainment. They are made to simulate a variety of acts and include many aspects of the female form. Each masturbator comes with a unique internal texture and hardness designed to grip, suck, and stimulate. They will provide an experience you won't forget!


Male adult stars need love too! We have a variety of dildos moulded after the sexiest men in the industry. These toys come in a variety of materials, some permanently hard and other softer. They provide the perfect way to stroke the night away to your favourite scenes. You will never forget these lovers. 

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