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Their penis pumps are more than just your average air pump. In fact, the Hydromax series utilizes water to enhance the girth and length of your penis, whether you want to rub one out for yourself or please your lover. The Hydromax series has a success rate of over 95 percent and men and women alike will tout about its effectiveness in enhancing one's intimate escapades. The products in the Hydromax series are known for their strength, dependability, and even comfort.

Bathmate doesn't limit it itself to penis pumps only. You may reap the rewards of lubes that prolong pleasure for you and your partner's sake or try affordable penis rings for enhanced erection size and added stimulation. Bathmate also offers a grooming kit, so you can keep your member and the surrounding area manscaped well.

They provide a range of toys, including anal items and vibrators, to add excitement to intimate moments. For example, the anal training fit offers additional sensation for both beginners and experienced users. While the vibrating effect of the rings and vibrators can give a user a titillating experience. You may enjoy the fact that the company focuses on water-safe products, ideal for achieving the big-O in the shower or tub.