Bijoux Indiscrets

Browse through our exciting collection of erotic accessories by Bijoux Indiscrets. This innovative company has put creative thought into a line of fun additions to passionate nights that will stoke the imagination. Evoke the ambiance of titillating mystery at a masquerade ball with delicately designed lacy eye masks. Choose from gorgeous swirling lace or a mod geometric pattern. A mask by Bijoux Indiscrets pulls a beautiful veil over your perspective while framing your face bewitchingly for your partner. Or, opt for being completely in the dark with a completely opaque mask or blindfold. Shiver with anticipation of your lover’s next move while you give them full control and make every stroke, tickle, and kiss even more surprising, unexpected, and thrilling.

Whisper a hint of your bedroom secrets while out for the evening and dressed to the nines! Jewelry by Bijoux Indiscrets brings gorgeous statement Necklaces to your collection in a collar design, evoking naughty imagery of your submission and obedience to the one who has captured your interest. The wide gold collar connects with an artistic, industrial ring in the center that hints at other uses; wear the Necklace with an evening gown and keep it on in the bedroom. Dainty, feminine chains continue the bondage theme, hanging elegantly down the torso to the waist as the perfect sensual accent.

The Bijoux Indiscreets line offers plenty of exclusive fun with a style all its own. Imagine a luxurious world full of diamonds and feathers to tickle your fancy with that special someone. Choose from Silky Sensual Handcuffs, the Twenty One Vibrating Diamond, the Tickle Me Tickler, and more! What fun can you dream up with Bijoux?

We are delighted to offer Bijoux Indiscrets products as part of our wide catalog of scintillating toys and accessories. Based in Singapore, we promises quality, luxurious products that deliver passion and excitement as well as stellar customer service.