Dame Products

Get your lady love on tonight with the Dame collection, created by women for women! These are superior sex toys that are fashioned for the most intimate excitement and sexual pleasure of women...and those who love them! Dame products stimulate the senses, mind, and body, and provide a profound sense of personal power, play, and provocative sensations for your romantic play with artistically designed and beautifully crafted superior sensual aids that fulfill the needs and desires of women.

The EVA Hands-Free Vibrator Quartz is fantastic for clitoral stimulation while leaving the doorway to heaven open for penetration. Savor the possibilities of this completely hands-free vibrator, allowing you and your partner the opportunity for some real hand-to-hand sexual action. It's also wonderful for solo sensual exploration and the elegant, ergonomic design will leave you moaning in admiration.

Experience the EVA 2 Hands-Free Couple's Vibrator (Fir) for perfect pleasure. This hands-free mini vibrator is just right for travel, and it's always ready for adventure! Created from medical-grade silicone, this vibe is waterproof and rechargeable. It stars one sweet, large button for simple to control stimulation. Carpe diem! Seize the day and this hands-free vibe!

Assume the position! Pillo Positioning Aid Sex Funiture is a fantastic positioner that will get you in the right frame of mind, and the perfect position, to reach all of your sexual goals and orgasmic potential. That's why the Dame is a champ!

Dame Products was founded by women to create an exceptional company that carries the best sexual toys and items on the market for women.  These are artistic creations that are made for the intimate pleasure and excitement of women and their lovers.  These are toys that are a cut above the rest in artistic design and ingenuity fashioned with women in mind.  These products bring you to the beginning of a journey of sexual enjoyment and as well as intellectual stimulation.  There are many items to choose from that will bring you to a new sense of personal power for the most private moments.