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G Project

G Project is your own mind-blowing sex party in a box! Straight from Japan, these products offer hours of sexual excitement and fulfillment. No need to ever worry about being on your own again. Just slide into one or more of these masturbator adult toys. Choose from several different onahole toys for top-rated bliss and enjoyment with every thrust. You can enjoy the sensation of a tight virgin sex tunnel, get a three-in-one orgasmic tour of holes, or ride the Niku Mon onahole personal vibrator to euphoria. No matter which options you choose for your fun solo sexcapades, you know you're getting quality. These G Project adult toys are made of high-grade materials, realistic design, and stretchy features that embrace your manhood. Want to get off with a toy that treats your penis like a vacuum? Get a Puni Virgin onahole. It's a tight squeeze that fulfills your needs.
G Project also provides you with the supplies you need to keep your toys lubricated, smooth and clean. Shop lotions and soft stroker masturbator creams to help you get where you want to go. These lubes add to the great sensation of the G Project masturbator toys and give you a more realistic experience during your hot and heavy sessions. When you're done, the G Project toy cleaners keep everything sanitary, fresh and appealing for the next time. Browse G Project products now to choose your next sensual, sexy adventure.

If you are in the market for a new series of sex toys, then you do not have to go any further. The G Project series is jam packed with a variety of products including lotions, Kuu Dolls, Kuu pillow, Onahol Hole Warmer, and Puni Virgin Mini Onahole. With such a diversity of options available, not only will it be able to pleasure different preferences, but provide different experiences to one person.

The G Project series is affordable, fun, creative, and sensual to the senses of getting the party started. Take your sexual pleasures to the next level with the entire new sex toy series.