Hot Octopuss

What Is New in Sexual Escapades?

Folks, we are reinventing pleasure. Feast your eyes on this fabulous collection of sex toys known as the Hot Octopuss Collection. Designed for the ultimate in sexual pleasure, your only problem might be picking just one. Then again, who says you cannot have two or three? So, what enticing choices do we have for you?

Check Out the Guybrator Toys!

What is a guybrator? Simple, it is a vibrator made exclusively for the male penis. There are a slew of different designs. Some of them, like the Pulse Solo Essential or Pulse Solo Lux, can be used when you do not have a mate with you. Others, like the Pulse Duo, are meant for couples who love foreplay in their sexual encounters. Get one of these today!

Ladies, You Are NOT Forgotten!!

For you we suggest the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo. This is basically a sleeve that is placed around the penis, but designed for maximum stimulation of the female pussy. As your partner moves in and out of your snatch, the Pulse III Duo vibrates wildly. This results in the ultimate pleasure for both of you. If you do not have a partner, this device will also work with a dildo. So you can use it in solo mode too. 

Any of these exhilarating and most-satisfying toys can be purchase from your friendly sex gift source in Singapore.

Looking to get your pulse rate going while enjoying your partner? If so, spice things up with the Hot Octopuss. The Hot Octopuss is a vibrating sleeve that is placed around the male. As they thrust in and out, the vibrations can drive both him and her wild, instantly giving both partners a new sensation that takes their encounter to the next level. This toy features five different pulsating actions, so you and your partner can play around and find your favorite setting. It can also be worn in the bath or shower, allowing you to take your experience outside of the bedroom.