Nexus is an adult toy manufacturer who is known for their line of silicone sex toys. While they sell many mainstream toys, such as a cock ring and a vibrator, they are most well-known for their anal sex toys, such as their prostate massagers.

One of Nexus most famous and well-known toys is the Revo. The Revo is a prostate massager that is designed to target the prostate in a male, helping them to achieve amazing orgasms. Many men liken this product to a vibrator that targets the g-spot in women. The toy is curved just right so that it hits the right spot in men. The toys then has different vibration sequences and intensities to ramp up the feeling and sensation that a male can experience. There are different models of the Revo, each with a slight curve or size variation, allowing you to really hone in on the product that feels best within your body.

In addition to the Revo, Nexus manufactures many other toys geared toward the anal region including anal starter kits, butt plugs, anal beads and a douche bulb, to help you clean out your anal region and prepare it for anal sex.

These products maximize the anal experience, for the novice and experienced alike. The easy pump dispensers allow quick and one-handed access to the lubricant for easier access to your partner, as well as cleanser for your new toys. The various plugs and "insertables" ideally introduce you and your partner into another side of pleasurable experience.