Anal and prostate stimulation provides a completely different sensation that traditional sex. If you are looking to expand your horizons and branch out into the world of anal play, Njoy produces safe and fun toys that can target the perfect part of your body to create the feeling of euphoria, satisfaction and joy within your body.

Njoy's mission surrounds the words fun and pure, or Pfun, a word created to showcase Njoy's unique style. We want to ensure all sex toy products we make for you to enjoy, including the pure wand a butt plug, a dildo, and over eleven other products, fit you well, are safe and provide you with the fun that you are after.

We are pleased to say that all of Njoy's products are made from steel. Steel is safe, does not harbor germs or bacteria, is easy to clean, and the coldness feels good against your natural skin. This product can be used with a variety of different lubes to help ensure the toys comfortably slide into place, without any uncomfortableness, or worse, rips or tears in this very tender region.

Many people do not feel comfortable walking into a sex toy shop and purchasing anal toys. This is why our sex toy shop, operating in Singapore, allows you to shop online. We then discreetly ship the products to your door, allowing you to get the toys you want without any fear or nervousness.

'Fun' and 'Pure' defines the Njoy mission. Their goal is to provide you with the finest products that enable you to explore your sexuality. They strive to heighten the invigorating experience of sexual exploration, pleasure and sharing. They use the purest materials to ensure safety and durability. You can clean or sterilize them by any means to eliminate bacteria.

We carry a variety of Njoy products to enhance your sexual experience. This includes the Fun and Pure wands, plus a variety of plugs. Every Njoy item we carry features the highest quality craftsmanship that gives them a simple, yet elegant look.