Are you looking for an ultra-thin condom line that doesn't disappoint in the bedroom? We've got a variety of fun products to add that extra bit of excitement you're looking for. The best part is all of our exciting sex toys and condoms are available for fast and discreet delivery when you're feeling a little frisky.

Okamoto Condoms Are Ultra-Thin For Maximum Sensitivity

The Okamoto condom collection has something for everybody. Whatever condom you purchase, they all have the latest latex technology available that offers that pleasure you desire and the durability you can trust. Check out some of our most popular picks that are a hit with our customers.

  • The Okamoto 001 Zero One- The thinnest condom available on the Okamoto collection. Don't enjoy wearing a condom? You can experience ultra-close intimacy with this one.
  • The 003 Cool Condoms- Let's face it: it's a little hard to keep your cool when things are heating up between the sheets, but you can add a little bit of that sexy, tingling sensation you crave with these methol lubricated condoms.
  • Okamoto Big Boy- Size matters if you can't find a comfortable fitting condom. You can get the snug fit you desire if you're on the bigger side of things below the waistline.

Established in 1934, Okamoto is a lead developer of fantastic consumer products. Today they lead the pack in developing high-quality lines of condoms to suit every desire. Made in Japan, Okamoto condoms feature a unique material called Sheerlon, which gives that coveted “next-to-nothing” feel while still being stronger than traditional latex. What's more, Sheerlon gives off no nasty rubbery smell, so you can indulge all of your senses. A true international leader in pleasurable products, its easy to see why Okamoto condoms are the top selling condom brand in Japan.