Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo before to spice things up in the bedroom? Fortunately, you can get some temporary tattoos that can be placed onto your body that will have your partner wanting to ravage you. Some of the tattoos include designs like skulls, crosses, sexy words, and much more. The tattoos generally last for about two to five days and will not be washed off even if you try to scrub them off! This means that you can take them into the bedroom repeatedly in order to experience grand amounts of pleasure. You don't have to worry about sitting for hours in the tattoo chair whenever you can use one of these to bring out your sexy side.

The quality of these tattoos is premium which means that they will not disappoint your standards. These tattoos are incredibly easy to apply and you do not have to worry about messing up the application process. There are so many designs to choose from that you will be glad that you chose sex tattoos out of this category to find something that appeals to your personal tastes.

These fun and flirty tattoos we sell are perfect for a night on the town or to reveal to your lover as your strip down. A variety of temporary tattoos allows you to show off your wild side without expensive or painful tattoo services. Simply apply your tattoos the day of your big event and wash them off when you're done with your scene! Choose from words describing your sweet or sexy sides, feminine themes such as flowers, tribal designers and even skulls if you're feeling deliciously evil! Can't make up your mind? We offer multiple tattoo packs, too!